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In a world that is increasingly connected and where the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming part of everyday life, users need a more and more ubiquitous and reliable Internet connection, while the offer of wireless solutions is growing in density and complexity. Faced with this reality, how can a company who wishes to automate its production or to modernize the management of its building make informed choices?

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A wireless telecommunication network must take physical environment into account

Setting up a wireless network may seem fairly straightforward, at least most of the time. But in some cases, it can be more complex and require the expertise of an RF engineer.

The structure and content of buildings affect the propagation of radiofrequencies

For certain types of constructions, such as warehouses, old edifices, factories or food companies, the structure of the building (thickness of the walls and composition of the floors) and its content (goods, metal shelves, machinery, etc.) can attenuate drastically the wireless signal.

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Wireless coverage has become an essential service

This is particularly true in certain cases. We can imagine the importance for a doctor to be able to consult his or her patient files while following up with them at the hospital; it would be problematic if, for example, interferences from diagnostic devices were preventing the medical personnel to get proper wireless access. Not to mention that adequate coverage will allow to locate connected medical equipment.

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Population density has an impact on Wi-Fi or cellular network

Population density is another major element to consider. Performance halls, university amphitheaters, outdoor events such as festivals or markets... In all these cases, the very large number of people connected will significantly affect the propagation of Wi-Fi or cellular waves.

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